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Pouring mercury into liquid nitrogen

Pouring mercury into liquid nitrogen


They lack in the safety department. I would lose my job for half the stuff they did. Goggles not on in lab, handling mercury/nitrogen without proper PPE , etc


Bending of a Rotating Shaft

Bending of a Rotating Shaft


Ah fuck i just checked and that was one of the books i lent out. well this image does a pretty good job of showing what i mean. so the way to look at that is at a certain frequency you can plot the point of failure. So the blue line charted on that picture is for a single frequency. So if you know the stress thats being cycled at that frequency you can use this chart to find the cycles until failure. The dotted line you see on the chart is the asymptote, meaning that below a certain stress the object could cycle and infinite number of times (in theory). Now as you change the frequency that line moves, it gets stretched in different directions for a lack of better words. this means the asymptote, and the rate at which it approached it changes. i cant really find a good image on this since i dont have my book, but just image a bunch of lines on the chart, each one for a different frequency. Now this is the part where my memory gets hazy, but the failure rate to frequency connection is actually counter intuitive at first. more people would expect higher frequencies to fatigue the material faster because higher frequencies have more energy in sounds, and light. but think of it this way, the average stress of a cycle for a single period is the exact same. whether its 1Hz or 1,000,000Hz the average value wont change because its the same shape, just longer/shorter. This means lower frequencies will provide the same amount of “damage” per unit time, but a lower frequency lasts longer per cycle. a 1Hz wave would put stress on the material for 1 second per cycle, while a 2Hz wave would put stress on the material for 0.5 seconds per cycle. so in reality lower frequencies actually affect the material more. i hope this helped, especially since i couldnt provide good pictures for it.

These are the first 4 women to complete infantry training in the history of the U.S. Marine Corps.

These are the first 4 women to complete infantry training in the history of the U.S. Marine Corps.


In the US military, women werent allowed to be in combat roles until the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta removed the ban just earlier this year. Prior to that, they were allowed to serve in the military still but only in non-combat roles. The modern reason for this is really just logistics. When you deploy two genders in combat situations, that means you have to double up on your infrastructure. Separate latrines, separate showers, separate sleeping arrangements. The military considered it to be an unnecessary burden and imposed a ban on women entering combat roles. The nature of warfare changes though, and those limitations arent necessarily as big a deal anymore. People in charge stopped caring, so the ban is now lifted and the US military subsequently committed to start deploying women in combat roles by 2016 at the latest.

Best dismemberment in any game…

Best dismemberment in any game...


While I do love Lego Star Wars 1, I definitely think Lego Star Wars 2 raised the bar and simply improved on LSW 1 in every way. Especially the character creation!

Reaction Rates

Reaction Rates

It’ll be the concentration. When something is dissolved, for example sugar, there is no more sugar crystals, the sugar molecules are separated by the water molecules so that they don’t interact. So surface area of the thing being dissolved is not a factor

Attention Verizon DSL Customers: Opt out of CGN before it disrupts your VPNs, Gaming Consoles, and other applications!

Attention Verizon DSL Customers: Opt out of CGN  before it disrupts your VPNs, Gaming Consoles, and other applications!

Look at who owns class A address space… most of these organizations should be forced to give up a large portion of their address block. Forced by whom? ARIN did not exist when these legacy class A network allocations were done, and were not involved in the agreements. None of the RIRs, nor IANA itself, have the legal authority to reclaim this IP space. And don’t take my word for it.
There is absolutely no reason that Ford needs a whole class A block, nor Stanford, nor Department of Social Security of UK. Maybe there is…at which point, they are quite welcome to use like the rest of the internet.
I bet they squat on these and sell them off at a high price to ISPs. Not quite. They own these blocks, so calling it squatting is inaccurate. Further, they are probably using segments of their class A blocks, and migrating away would be time-consuming and thus expensive. Until relatively recently, it wasn’t worth the effort to stop using these IPs…then this happened

Star and Black Hole nearly collide

Star and Black Hole nearly collide

Wikipedia has a table comparing the 4 fundamental forces. So the electromagnetic force is 10^36 times stronger than gravity (that’s a 1 with 36 zeros) The reason why gravity appears so strong, especially with black holes, is that in systems as large as planets, there tend to be as many positive charges as negative, so the electrical force cancels out, but the strength of gravity just keeps adding up with mass, regardless of charge. Lets think about two cows, standing about a meter apart in a field. The gravitational force of attracting between them? Pretty small. These cows are staying put, chewing that grass. The gravity between them and the earth is much greater because the earth is much bigger. Now lets put these cows in way out in space (Physics is always being so mean. Putting people frictionless vacuums and such), still a meter apart. They would eventually float towards each other due to gravity (a really really rough calculation I did says it would take a little under 5 minutes, correct me if I’m wrong). Now if one of these cows was purely positive charges and the other was negative? These cows would fly at each other effectively instantly. The force between two cow sized lumps of charge would be incredible. Edit: Typoed the relative strength of the EM force.