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No, this way!

No, this way!

My cat would always bite on the strings which I used to play with him, so when you walked around the house or the street he would follow you still biting on the string. The funny thing is that i tried to walk him with a leash he wouldn’t walk a bit ^(man I miss this cat)


24hz sounds + 24 fps camera + water = magic

24hz sounds + 24 fps camera + water = magic

Would the water appear to move down regardless of it being at 25hz or 23hz? Or would anything over 24hz move down and anything under move up? edit: nevermind, I watched the video 🙂

Miley Cyrus: Goat Edition

That was definitely a sheep. I didn’t realise so many people couldn’t tell the difference between them and goats 😐

This is cooooool

This is cooooool

Obviously, the Sine wave from the circle pops up a lot in physics and math. I’m curious, do the waveforms from the square or hexagon (or any other polygon i suppose) pop up in any problems?

On Government and the People

On Government and the People

The true greatness of the founding fathers was not the constitution, not the deceleration, not the revolution, and not the nation they forged. Why they are great is they had the ability to see one thing. They saw they would die. The founders knew their ideals, there nation could and should not last forever, because it would not be their nation forever. They left the future to us, they made it so the living could decide what we are as a nation, not what their corpses buried and long gone thought our nation should be. We should not assume the nation is in trouble because our views are different from the founders. It means we accepted their greatest gift to us, change. I worry this is the argument you are making. Saying that the modern government is bad because its not what 200 year old dead men would like us to look like is wrong. Now can we argue their merits still? Of course, and we often accept their view for the nation till this day. We still believe in separation if powers, we still use the system of government set up by them, we still believe in free speech. But all these things should be measured in if they are what we want today. Not what they would want in the 1780s. Today’s ideals are different yes, but this doesn’t make them wrong. I and a lot of others don’t see the wars as terrible or wrong. Millions of girls can learn to read now, millions don’t live under the threat of secret police bashing down their door and killing their family. As Americans we reject that any human should live like that. Did we pay in money and the blood of our country men? Yes we did, but they died saving unknown millions from a worst life. The founders did not want that for the nation, they rejected for the most part getting involved in others nations internal affairs. Because of that does it make me wrong to be supportive of getting involved in internal matters of other nations now? No. This doesn’t mean that getting involved is the right course. There are many valid reasons not to, but the point is those reasons are based on modern concerns, not that George Washington didn’t like it. I know I only hit on one of your subject points, but the theme holds true for all of them. The modern things the government is doing is not against the will of the people. These actions are being taken because of the will of the people. These are the ideals this generation wants. This is the government of today, not yesterday. Tl;DR The modern values of America should not be determined by If they fall in line with the past. They should be determined by how we Today want them to be.

Greenpeace analysis shows that Donors Trust, a shadowy funding vehicle, has laundered $146 million in climate denial funding from 2002 to 2011

Greenpeace analysis shows that Donors Trust, a shadowy funding vehicle, has laundered $146 million in climate denial funding from 2002 to 2011

Want another example: OK. Donors Trust gave Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy $60K that was earmarked for the Benjamin Rush Society. I never heard of it either, but yea to Forbes, as they provide a article to help. And don’t be surprised, the sister to Donors Trust came up with $200K to assist in the formation of Benjamin Rush Society (I’m sure being in KS is just a coincidence). I challenge anyone to go to their web-site and determine for yourself if they do or don’t have an ideologic slant that matches Free-Market Medicine. As highlighted in the Forbes article, another group, the Kauffman Foundation information is available via Guidestar. Read their list of grants (it is long), but take a few minutes to scroll through them, see the agenda they are giving cash to. (don’t miss their $75K) to Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy. Whether you agree or disagree with ACA – I’m willing to bet a nickel that "free-market" medical care will not be less expensive and certainly not be available to everyone. Draw your own conclusions – but don’t dare say that you haven’t been provided an opportunity to learn and/or do your own research.

Awesome sun-dial I saw in Brazil

Awesome sun-dial I saw in Brazil

It displays the time as a shadow on the surface of the plate. At the time the picture was taken, it was about 3:15pm. Unless I’m reading it totally wrong, in which case, please disregard this comment.